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Kieran Malone started purchasing properties over 10 years ago in his early 20s. Kieran now has a property portfolio of over £2 million and has bought and sold over £4 million. Starting off with savings of £12,000 he has worked hard to find properties that have been undervalued and refurbishing them to be able to sell on or refinance at a high profit helping him build up  Such a high-value portfolio in such a short time.

After years of trial and error getting the process perfect he has decided to help people build there own property portfolio This is through his online training, one-to-one meetings or holding their hand through the whole process from viewings to sale. He has decided to set this company up to help more people on their way.

KM Properties is a leading property expert & construction company that specialises in the construction of quality, bespoke, custom built homes for resale. We take clients through the process of purchasing, planning, demolition, structural works and a handover finish. Furthermore, our dedicated professionals are at hand to project manage extensions and renovations which exceed expectations. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and the ability to meet necessary contract deadlines.

We have a solid reputation in the North West and have served the local surrounding areas for 10 years. Our skills include planning, budgeting, timeless architectural design and faultless finishes.

At KM Properties we’ll be with you every step of the process, from taking care of permits to helping clients finalize decisions. We’re committed to helping you get the space you’ve always wanted.


I was planning on purchasing one property with my budget and was introduced to Kieran, he managed to help me turn a plan to purchase one property into a portfolio of 6 properties within 18 months.

Ben Cullen

Our project was completed to a high standard and on price. Errors in the design were quickly picked  KM Properties advised on improvements to the design and only billed when phases were completed to satisfaction.

Mark Huges

Kieran helps me source, refurbish and refinance my first HMO now we are currently looking for our second venture together as I was able to reuse all my money again.

Marcus Murr

I was looking to get my first buy to let property in Liverpool and didn't know where to start and what was a good deal or not. I had been introduced to deal with sources who didn't own property themselves or had been in the business for a short time. After months of research I stumbled across Kieran's website and went along and meet him, he showed me all his own properties and strategies that he had mastered over ten years. We decided to work together and he sourced, refurbed and sorted out the refinance of the property helping me pull out near all my full investment as well as having a 20% equity in a £150k house. Thanks, Kieran

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 You can also contact us via email or telephone, we have a Facebook and Instagram page also if you would like to keep connected.

Email: info@kieranmaloneproperties.co.uk

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