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Property Investment

We can help you purchase a property with a profit margin in mind,  we can look at how much you want to spend and how to acquire a property with a healthy margin in the property market. We specialise in helping you build a portfolio from our existing experience of over 10 years in buying developing and selling properties at a high standard.


We provide the full package, we can not only help you acquire a property perfect for retail but provide all the building services, legal support and building, renovation or extension trade services to meet those sometimes tights budgets to get a property fit for resale and to mark up at a value with great margins on resale value.

Sales & Management

When your property is ready for the market we can source the best options available to list and sell your properties, even manage all legal requirements and solicitations needed to make a sale happen at a price we target earlyer on in the initial property purchase and development process.

I was planning on purchasing one property with my budget and was introduced to Kieran, he managed to help me turn a plan to purchase one property into a portfolio of 6 properties within 18 months.

Ben Cullen

Our project was completed to a high standard and on price. Errors in the design were quickly picked  KM Properties advised on improvements to the design and only billed when phases were completed to satisfaction.

Mark Huges

Kieran helps me source, refurbish and refinance my first HMO now we are currently looking for our second venture together as I was able to reuse all my money again.

Marcus Murr

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 You can also contact us via email or telephone, we have a Facebook and Instagram page also if you would like to keep connected.

Email: info@kieranmaloneproperties.co.uk

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